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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Campaign for Caravan Owners

This page contains advice about buying a CO Alarm and resources for caravan and mobile home owners.

Even those who are aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the home may forget the dangers this silent deadly killer can create in a caravan or mobile home.

Carbon Monoxide is an odourless, invisible, deadly gas which can be produced by badly serviced appliances, such as stoves, cookers, generators and camping burners. In fact the gas can be produced by anything that burns carbon based fuels, for example gas, petrol, oil, diesel or wood.

The key advice to caravan and mobile home owners is broadly similar to that for homeowners: first of all buy and fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm, or CO Alarm. The best for a caravan an inexpensive, portable battery operated audible alarm.

We all probably remember to service our car, but do we remember to service all the appliances we use inside our caravan or mobile home, like the cookers or generators? Gas appliances will have been sold as new to accord with safety standards. They should be maintained by competent engineers, certified by a recognised body. So remember, in addition to buying an audible Carbon Monoxide Alarm, service your appliances.

Next, remember not to block the ventilation to your appliances. This is especially true if you in a caravan and you are cold. Do not be tempted to cover ventilation for cookers which serves an important purpose.

If you do have a caravan with a stove and chimney, make sure this is kept clear of debris as well.

If your car engine is running nearby (or the engine in your RV or mobile home) is running, its exhaust fumes will contain Carbon Monoxide. You should ensure that your exhaust is in good order and that exhaust fumes are not inadvertently seeping into you caravan.

The greatest danger may be when you are asleep and have shut all the windows, especially if you have left a gas or oil appliance running to keep warm. An audible Carbon Monoxide Alarm will ensure you are woken if you are in any danger and may save your life. Do not be a victim of the silent killer on holiday.
If in doubt you should take expert advice or seek emergency help.

Do Not become a Victim of the Silent Killer!

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