Buy A Carbon Monoxide Alarm Today.
It Could Save Your Life



To protect your family

1. Buy and fit an Audible Carbon Monoxide Alarm today.

An audible alarm can be bought widely at DIY and hardware stores or can be purchased here now. This is the most important thing that you can do to protect your family from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. We do not recommned the use of "Black Spot" carbon monoxide patches. Although they can detect CO, they will not protect you if you are poisoned while you are sleeping.

2. Ensure all your appliances are serviced at least once a year.

All fuel burning appliances should be serviced annually by an engineer qualified and registered by the appropriate organisation like CORGI for gas, HETAS for solid fule or OFTEC for oil. If you are a tenant in rented accommodation with gas appliances your landlord must provide you with proof that a CORGI registered engineer has checked the appliance within the last 12 months. You should ask you landlord to fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

3. Don’t block ventilation to your appliances.

Make sure that there is plenty of ventilation to rooms which contain appliances or which contain open fires or solid fuel burners. Ensure that vents and flues are not blocked.

4. Make sure your chimneys are swept and kept clear of debris.

Make sure that chimneys are swept at least once a year by a qualified Chimney Sweep. A Chimney Sweep can also check your chimney does not leak with a smoke test. Chimneys can become blocked, for example with birds' nests if they are not used in the summer.

5. If in doubt call for expert advice or emergency help.

In an emergency, or if your CO Alarm goes off, open doors and windows for ventilation and ensure everyone leaves the house. Call the relevant 24 hour advice line in the UK: Gas Emergency Service (0800 111999) or HETAS for solid fuels (0845 634 5626) or OFTEC for Oil fired appliances (0845 658 5080) or call the emergency services on 999 (in the UK) for help. You should seek medical advice and ensure all appliances are serviced and checked. Do not use them again until you are told it is safe.

Do not become a victim of the silent killer

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